Increased Sexual Prowess From Fitness Supplement Formulations

Not all fitness supplements are created equal and some products are not even entirely clear on what they plan to target. Some supplements that aid in helping you to achieve your fitness goals have included supplementing ingredients in their formulation that can increase your sexual prowess too. I suppose that all fitness supplements aim to affect sexual prowess in some way but some brands seek to target sexual performance in a more overt and effective manner PEScience

A person may have a variety of reasons behind their desire to achieve an improved level of fitness. Better general health and longevity could be one. Another might be to increase attractiveness with lean muscle. A desire to be more able to enjoy sex and to provide an improved sexual experience for one’s mate could be another. Of course it’s much more likely to be a combination of these reasons or many others not even mentioned here. But without a doubt, I suggest that sex will be part of the actual reason regardless of whether a person is thinking about it not.

So if the motivator of sex is integral to the rationale beneath the fitness goal then why shouldn’t the promise of improved sexual prowess be intrinsic within the aids that lead to that objective? In simpler words, why shouldn’t a fitness supplement include ingredients that assist in improving the sex life as well as the exercise aim?

I’ve been looking at some fitness supplements lately and my focus was actually on how the performance of these products are affected by the user’s mental state but then I began noticing the sexual prowess claims in the supplement formulation.

I shifted the thrust of my study and from what I’ve determined thus far, there are active ingredients that are in the fitness supplement expressly for the sex improving attributes, there are formulation ingredients that promote fitness and that affect sexual prowess, and then there are ingredients that seek to improve the sexual performance only as a side effect from the overall better health.

One common fitness supplement ingredient that is proven to improve the strength of male erection is nitric oxide. Actually, the nitric oxide is not usually in the bottle of supplement pills itself. Instead, the ingredient L-Arginine is listed but that is as close to an injection of nitric oxide as it gets because L-Arginine stimulates the body’s natural production of nitric oxide. And nitric oxide is of absolute maximum importance because the substance nitric oxide is present every time any penis becomes erect. I’ve even heard it said that no nitric oxide equals no sex – ever. That seems to me like a pretty strong reason to take it regularly.

Nitric oxide and L-Arginine fit into the second of my categories here in that they are in the supplement formulation for a dual rationale. Nitric oxide is critical to every sexual episode but it also improves muscle tone and it has other fitness benefits that merit its inclusion in a supplement formulation.

There are some risks and health factors surrounding L-Arginine and nitric oxide that a person should be aware of but that is true for nearly every substance on earth. In my overall opinion and for myself, I would say that I would strongly consider taking a supplement that included the amino acid L-Arginine even if I didn’t want to take a supplement for either a fitness goal or a sexual prowess objective either. From the research I’ve done, I just think nitric oxide is an invaluable supplement to life on earth – even though in the outside environment it is considered a pollutant.

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